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South tyrolean farmer’s toast

A South Tyrolean farmer’s toast is perfect for the small hunger in between meals and is therefore available in many South Tyrolean bars. But here is the simple recipe so that you can also enjoy a farmer’s toast at home.

Serving: 1 Preparation time: 15 min


  • Vinschgerl (typical South Tyrolean rye bread)
  • Bacon (sliced)
  • Cheese (cut into slices)
  • Butter, ketchup or your own favourite dip
  • Tomato slices, onion rings and lettuce leaves are an excellent addition


  1. slice the Vinschgerl bread horizontally
  2. spread some butter, ketchup or your own dip on it
  3. put the bacon and cheese slices on one side of the bread at a time
  4. place the sliced bread in the oven at 200° for approx. 5 – 6 minutes.
  5. add tomato slices, onion rings and lettuce leaves if desired
  6. enjoy the sandwiches individually or folded together.


If you like, you can of course add a fried egg as well.