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Saddle of veal with Schüttelbrot & walnut breading

Kalbsrücken mit Schüttelbrot- & Walnusspanade

Saddle of veal is a true delicacy. The meat is particularly tender, rich in high-quality protein, very low in fat and at the same time aromatic in taste. Combine this delicious dish with the traditional taste of Schüttelbrot. This recipe is for 4 people.

Enjoy your meal!

Servings: 4 Preparation time: 60 min



Beetroot salad 

  • 300g cooked beetroot
  • Salt, pepper
  • ½ tsp caraway, finely chopped
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tbsp apple vinegar

Veal escalope

  • 4 veal escalopes approx. 160 g each
  • Salt
  • 2 tbsp flour for turning
  • 2 egg whites
  • 100g Schüttelbrot crumbs, finely grated
  • 100g walnuts, grated
  • Additional shortening or clarified butter
  • 40 g bird’s lettuce, frisée lettuce, nasturtium and chervil




Beetroot salad

  1. cook the beetroots
  2. peel the beetroots and cut them into pieces
  3. season with salt, pepper and caraway seeds
  4. dress with olive oil and cider vinegar.

Veal escalope

  1. pound the veal escalopes
  2. salt the escalopes evenly on both sides and coat them in flour.
  3. whisk the egg whites with a fork and pull the cutlets through the egg whites
  4. mix the Schüttelbrot crumbs and walnuts in a bowl
  5. coat the escalopes with the Schüttelbrot crumbs and walnuts, press down a bit


  1. put plenty of shortening in a frying pan and heat it up
  2. Bake the breaded cutlets for approx. 1 minute / side, not too hot.
  3. after packing, drain the schnitzels on kitchen paper


  1. arrange the cutlets on the beetroot salad
  2. garnish with the leaf salad and serve


A veal escalope can of course also be replaced by a pheasant or guinea fowl breast escalope. The walnuts can also be replaced by hazelnuts, just as you like.

We wish you good luck!