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Geschichte des Schüttelbrotes Brot und Strudelmarkt

Story of the Schüttelbrot


Schüttelbrot, the crispy and spicy bread from South Tyrol

Schüttelbrot, the popular South Tyrolean bread got its peculiar name from the way it is prepared. The thin flatbread is made from a soft rye dough. After ¾ fermentation, the dough pieces are “flattened” with a round board and manual skill and then baked.

Schüttelbrot – traditioneller Südtiroler Brot-Fladen

Schüttelbrot – traditional South Tyrolean bread

Why was the Schüttelbrot so important in the past?

In earlier times, farmers were self-sufficient and bread was baked only a few times a year on the farms. The problem of shelf life arose. The farmers let the soft dough rise for a very long time until it became large and flat. This bread shape turned out to be the ideal shape for drying and storing the bread. During baking, the natural moisture of the dough escapes and the result is a thin, crispy, spicy bread that keeps for a long time.

Bild: Archiv Volkskundemuseum Dietenheim

Bild: Archiv Volkskundemuseum Dietenheim

The breads were baked in stone ovens

Afterwards they were air-dried

Schüttelbrot today 

How is it cosumed today? 

Schüttelbrot is an ideal snack for in-between snacks, as an ingredient in soups, as an aperitif with a glass of Prosecco. But where it should not be missing: at a good South Tyrolean Marende (snack) with bacon, sausage, cheese, butter, beer and wine.

What makes the Schüttelbrot so special?

It is made exclusively from natural ingredients, has no preservatives, no chemical additives and only approx. 1.5 % own fat content.
Schüttelbrot is rich in natural dietary fibre, aids digestion and is ready to use at any time and practical to take on the go. Today, Schüttelbrot is known throughout the country and is also very popular abroad.

Today, Schüttelbrot comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. In addition to new spice additions such as sesame, onion or garlic, there are lighter or darker, thinner or thicker loaves, depending on the type of flour. The Schüttelbrot is lactose-free and vegan (except the variety with bacon).